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JHS Students, Faculty Experience the World Through EF Tours


Many young people dream of traveling to destination countries and learning about different cultures. However, there are several dilemmas preventing students from going on excursions. To start, the main issue is a matter of “how?” How can a Joplin High School student travel to France, Greece, or, perhaps, Ireland over the summer? 

This question can be answered by simply speaking to any JHS teacher who can offer information about Education First (EF) or Explorica trips and tours. Both Mr. Burnside (French teacher, B317) and Mr. Schneider (History teacher, C325) can provide details about traveling abroad during high school. Students can also sign up by looking for promotional posters in the hallways or by clicking the links here (2024 – France and Italy, 2025 – Japan, 2026 – England,   Ireland, Scotland, and Wales). 

Abroad tours create experiences that are not only enjoyable but also educational. 

Schneider claims, “Traveling to another country gives you the ability to experience other cultures. These trips are also extremely fun.” 

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Students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and information about a foreign place, while also enjoying their time away from home. 

“Learning how other cultures live is a wonderful thing. It opens up our worldview and allows us to see things from a different viewpoint,” says Schneider. 

He believes that these trips are extremely beneficial in the sense of expanding teenagers’ perspectives of the world. By observing the way of life in other countries, students have the chance to learn things that could advance the future of society here in America. 

Students can benefit tremendously from traveling abroad. 

“Studies also show that students who travel/learn another language generally have higher academic performances and make more money throughout their lifetime,” Burnside mentioned. 

Mr. Burnside traveled abroad with his high school a few years ago. “I was lucky enough to go on a high school EF trip, and that got me ’bit’ by the travel bug and I’ve been traveling ever since.” 

He has visited over twenty countries so far, as well as working as a summer tour guide around the world. 

Oftentimes, these trips directly correspond with the content being taught and learned in the classroom. For example, a European History student would be able to visit several landmarks and sites that were discussed in the course. Additionally, when a French learning student visits France, they can practice their language skills. 

Burnside explains, “Of course by visiting [France], they get to speak, read, and listen to lots of the language, as well as learn about cultural elements that we’ve studied in class.” 

Trips like these give students the chance to take their learning and apply it to the real world. 

Traveling internationally without a doubt has many benefits, most of which are lifelong. If you or someone you know is interested in going abroad, contact Mr. Burnside or Mr. Schneider.

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